Knowledge Catalyst to Power Paspor Sehat in issuing Digital Health Credentials in Indonesia for Travelers

This partnership aims to connect Indonesia’s Digital e-HAC system with digital health credentials to provide travelers with a seamless travel experience.

SINGAPORE, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Knowledge Catalyst, a recognized provider of Digital Health Credentials, also known as HealthCerts in Singapore, is proud to announce its partnership with Paspor Sehat, a recognized provider of the Electronic Health Alert Card (e-HAC) solution in Indonesia. Knowledge Catalyst will power Paspor Sehat’s platform to issue Digital Health Credentials from their network of healthcare institutions.

Effective immediately, Paspor Sehat will start issuing tamper-proof and verifiable COVID-19 test credentials, starting with travels between Indonesia and Singapore. The Credentials will be issued directly to travelers through digital platforms and authorities can easily verify that the COVID-19 test certificates have been issued by accredited healthcare institutions and ascertain the authenticity of the certificates.

Rudy Rahardjo, CEO of Knowledge Catalyst, said, “We strive to help safe travel reboot by harnessing our technology and building partnerships with travel enablers around the world. We recognize that travel is integral to the livelihood of many individuals and businesses, and it is important to establish measures for travel to resume safely. We are hoping for the situation to improve for everyone’s well-being.”

Syahmudrian Lubis, CEO of Paspor Sehat, also said, “Paspor Sehat is the partner of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, for COVID-19 test results document validation. We connect to more than 6,700 hospitals, clinics, and laboratories to help travelers obtain their COVID-19 test credentials in the form of a QR code. Travelers can now use them as a mandatory document to fulfill travel requirement screenings at airports and seaports. The Paspor Sehat QR code is automatically transferred to e-HAC mobile apps and the PeduliLindungi application. Through our collaboration with Knowledge Catalyst, we are helping COVID-19 test results of Indonesia’s travelers to be recognized in other countries globally. This can only be implemented efficiently with the blockchain technology available today.”

About Knowledge Catalyst

Knowledge Catalyst is a technology company that specializes in harnessing blockchain technology to create opportunities and value-add in different industries. Apart from their solution for the health and travel ecosystem, the company also deployed solutions in the education and talent ecosystem to address the widening gaps of equitable learning and the future of work. Launched in 2019, Knowledge Catalyst has served over 300 organizations across 8 different countries around the world.


About Paspor Sehat

Paspor Sehat currently provides a digital platform to provide connectivity between healthcare institutions and the e-HAC system in Indonesia. Paspor Sehat was established in 2020 after Indonesia’s Ministry of Health signed a memorandum of understanding concerning the implementation of digital applications for checking COVID-19 test status at airports and seaports by the port health office (HK.03.01/SR.03.04/3/9486/2020).

This followed the mandate by the Ministry of Health to establish protocols to enable safe traveling amidst the pandemic (HK.02.02/I/10979/2020). Paspor Sehat currently collaborates with numerous healthcare institutions across Indonesia to ensure adherence to these protocols.