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Borderless Continuity of Care

Discover the power of borderless continuity of care as we connect medical second opinions and treatments in Singapore, providing outreach for specialist clinics to address regional health demands in ASEAN. You can experience seamless and confidential healthcare services with our secure, private, consent-based services, built on infrastructure proven by the HealthCerts certificate issuance program.

How Arvie™ Works

Consult & Refer

Patients consult doctors in Arvie™ Health Ecosystem. Doctors can refer patients to medical professionals in Singapore for further consultations.

Access & Validate

Patients access their health records and appointments through Arvie™ mobile app.

Appointment in Singapore

Patients give consent to specialists in Singapore to access their details and health records in their digital vault. Referred specialist can provide diagnosis, schedule next appointments or send further referrals if needed.

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